Terroir Sonoro, Apellinao Pais 2016

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    Pais 100%

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    Juan Ledesma

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Terroir Sonoro Apellinao Pais 2016 - Wine

Tasting Notes

Fruity but spiced, soft but rustic in mouth.

Production Notes

Made from old-vine Pais in the Itata Valley, where you can find long lost vineyards that are over 100 years old. These very old bush vines are dry-farmed, looked after by hand and hand-harvested. A hand-picked and hand-made wine. Pais grapes are fermented with their skins in open tanks for 20 days. It then rests in Oak barrels (made from local Rauli wood) for six months before bottling. Specially composed Jazz music is played to the barrels to mimic the effect of battonage and develop a more complex character in the wine.

Producer Profile

Historically, the Chilean wine scene has been led by large-scale, wealthy producers with little in the way of boutique, pioneering estates. In recent years, however, this landscape has evolved, as a small, committed movement of young, new-generation winemakers, are beginning to turn heads with their human-scale and authentic approach to Chilean winemaking. Juan Ledesma is one of the leaders of this movement. Juan Ledesma is a jazz musician and an erudite, artistic soul who made his first vintage in 2013 after discovering 300-year-old vines in Itata and Bio Bio. With a growing suspicion that everything he had learnt studying agronomy was a lie, he set out on a winemaking mission to support local growers in a quest to make exceptional wines, with the hallmarks of quality and verve. Juans methods are both unusual and pioneering. Lees are suspended by the resonance of jazz music that he composes, records and then plays into the wine whilst ageing in barrel.This combines two visions-the science of using sound waves to mimic battonage and the emotional link to jazz. A lot of his inspiration, including the names of his wines, are taken from his hero, Chilean poet, artist and scientist Nicanor Parra.