Conker - Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur

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Conker - Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur - Spirits

Tasting Notes

'Working with Dorset's very own Beanpress Coffee Co., we've selected the very best speciality Brazilian and Ethiopian coffee beans that blow your usual ground coffee out the water. The Brazilian is roasted darker and longer to accentuate the cacao and caramel notes, bringing a robust coffee flavour that provides the backbone to the spirit. The Ethiopian coffee is roasted faster and lighter to accentuate the sweetness and natural citrus character, so adding a zesty highlight to the blend.

By brewing our liqueur cold, we don't extract any of the acidic, bitter elements of the bean typical of a hot brew, thereby honouring the subtle fruity chocolate notes of each bean variety, creating a heady and hearty concoction that's as wonderfully dark as it is delicious'.