About Us

Explore. Enjoy. Of course there's no guarantee that you will always enjoy the wines you buy.  And, admittedly, we're in the fortunate position of trying wines for free before we buy them. But we select with taste and discretion.  We look for "Wines that Speak". Wines that speak of their origin, their soils, their winemaker, their grape.  

Hence Vintriloquy.

Vintriloquy is a new online brand from the team at The Good Wine Shop, a long established West London wine retailer which recently won the 'Best Wine Shop in London 2019' award at the annual Decanter Magazine Retailer Awards. With our own separate office and warehouse at the new Good Wine Shop store on Richmond Hill, we're a new team with old roots - able to supplement our online flair ( well, we're trying!) with the experience and buying power of The Good Wine Shop's team of dedicated wine experts.  

At Vintriloquy.com, you'll find that our wine portfolio is totally different from our parent site.  And we're adding new wines every week... so be sure to keep visiting!  As our owner Mark explained, " There are so many talented winemakers today, many of whom come personally to our stores and whose wines we fall in love with.  But we can only display a limited number of those wines in our shops.  And with two excellent wineries from,say, Sicily how can we add a third?  Especially bearing in mind that we only list on the Good Wine Shop website what we have in store, we needed a new way to expand our offering and introduce these wines to new customers. 

Hence Vintriloquy.

Terroir may be the genes of great wines, but the winemakers's control of viticulture and vinification shapes those genes into fully formed masterpieces. There are many good wines. Our aim is to find the best....pound for pound, bottle by bottle.

You can rely on Vintriloquy to Explore...and Enjoy!

We look forward to your visits and your enquiries.  Please feel free to send us feedback and you are welcome to contact us via email at contact@vintriloquy.com or by phone on 020 3489 5610.