A relatively new winery, the Trediberri cantina of La Morra was established in 2012. It all began when three Piedmontese - Nicola Oberto, his father Federico and their associate Vladimiro Rambaldi - bought five hectares of vineyards in Berri, a hamlet of La Morra. Nicola's father, Federico, had spent forty years working for a local, large Barolo producer. He now helps Nicola in the winery alongside his wife, Anna Rosa Oberto, who tends to the vines fastidiously. In addition to the five hectares, the Oberto family have two hectares in one of the Langhe's top vineyards - Rocche dell'Annunziata - located in the very heart of the region. Guided by Anna Rosa, they follow a low impact, organic approach to viticulture, while the wines are made traditionally with extended macerations and aged in large oak botti. Trediberri also farm grapes from two hectares of rented vines nearby Cappalotti vineyard. They have been certified organic since 2015.

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