Top Rated

The wines collected here have all received a minimum of 95 points on the 100 point scale, 18 points on the 20 point scale or a Platinum or Best in Show Medal from Decanter, the International Wine Challenge or other major shows.

This doesn't necessarily mean that they are the best wines on the site however. Whilst it is certainly true that ratings sell wines and that a wine universally acclaimed by multiple reviewers is liable to provide a lot of the end of the day the rating is simply the opinion of one individual with certain tastes and expertise, tasting a specific wine on a particular day. 

It's not surprising that top rated wines tend to be more expensive - the best terroir, renowned winemakers, rigorous grape selection and extensive barrel aging prior to release all contribute to the quality and price of the wine.  The really exciting discoveries are fantastic wines at affordable prices.  

Ratings aside however, critics frequently review wines in an expressive and evocative style which can really illuminate the wine's characteristics, especially when in contrast to frequently generic tasting notes from the producers themselves.