Viña Montes is a modern-day success story. Started in only 1988, Montes has quickly realized the dream of its founders: pioneering the production of premium quality, “first-growth” Chilean wine respected by critics and trade, while elevating the winemaking profile of Chile on the world stage.

Reaching such lofty goals in a very short period of time makes one wonder if the original founders Aurelio Montes, Douglas Murray, Alfredo Vidaurre and Pedro Grand had an angel watching over their endeavour. The team at Montes believes they do. In fact, the Montes angel featured prominently on its labels represents a guardian spirit behind Montes’ continued success, and symbolizes the communal spirit among members of the Viña Montes “family”. 

Celestial intervention aside, Montes has also achieved its great success through leading, not following. From its inception, Montes has been an innovator in the Chilean wine industry. While other wineries planted their vineyards on the valley floor, Montes planted on the hillsides, employing drip irrigation. This resulted in smaller yield, higher quality grapes; ideal for creating wines like Montes’ signature Alpha Cabernet Sauvignon. Montes was also the first to plant Syrah in Colchagua, the source of its award-winning Folly. More recently, the winery has made a strong commitment to sustainability, employing dry farming techniques at its vineyards. Vines are irrigated naturally by the winter rains, receiving only minimal supplemental irrigation in low precipitation years. This decreased Montes’ water usage by nearly 65%, setting a new benchmark for Chilean wineries.

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