Laberinto is a small gravity fed winery owned by Rafael Tirado and his family in Colbun, by a lake, in an eastern mountainous region of the Maule Valley. He began to plant vines in 1993 and now cultivates 5 separate sections totaling 18ha of vineyards within their 80ha property.

The soils are composed of granite and volcanic ash, and his vineyards are located at approximately 1800 feet altitude. He planted on the slopes in multiple row orientations, eventually planting a section as a labyrinth (laberinto), hence the name of the wines and the drawings on the labels. The winery produces stunning expressions of Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, and a Bordeaux blend.

As one of ten children, Rafael Tirado has long been prepared to navigate his way through life. Over the course of his decades long career, he has made wine around the world, managed several mid-sized Chilean wineries, many of which are exported to the USA, and has become one of the most sought after wine consultants in Chile. Rafa purchased land in the Eastern Maule Valley in the front range of the Chilean Andes and planted his first estate vines in 1993 on volcanic ash over granite. He currently has five parcels totaling 18ha of vines. His vineyards are legally recognized to be located within the Colbun DO and currently is the only estate producer in the DO. Much of his vineyard is planted in various orientations, some of which are planted in the shape of a labyrinth. Rafael built a small gravity fed winery and a geothermal barrel and bottle room on the property, and currently produces estate wines under the Laberinto and Vistalago labels.

We believe these wines to be some of the most classical expressions of terroir in all of Chile, and Rafael Tirado to be a beacon of Artisan Chilean Wine.

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