The region of Friuli boasts an increasing number of prominent wineries, but Silvio Jermann remains the shining star.

He owns forty acres of estate vineyards that surround the family home in Farra d’Isonzo, where he created a new breed of big, fruity, ageworthy Friulian wines (outside the regulations set by the DOC). ‘Capo Martino’ and ‘Dreams’ have distinguished themselves as two of Italy’s greatest and best-known white wines.

In 1881 Anton Jermann, the founder, left the Austrian wine-growing region of Burgenland and, later, the vines of Slovenia to put down roots in Friuli Venezia Giulia. Here he continued his winery business, and from the 1970s Silvio Jermann’s combined genius and imagination took the company to undreamed-of success in wine circles, both in Italy and worldwide. Today Jermann estate extends over 150 hectares of which 130 hectares are vineyards and 20 hectares are given over to seed and horticultural crops. This is a company that interacts with the world every day, but its greatest attention is always reserved for the things that make a wine great.

Silvio Jermann’s wines have often been described as ‘the finest white wines in Italy’. 2006 saw the unveiling of their new state-of-the art winery which has been beautifully designed to sit in a ‘bowl’ amongst their vineyards. It is the talk of the region and very much indicative of Silvio Jermann’s forward-thinking approach to winemaking. Silvio uses unique blending methods prior to vinification to produce highly-prized wines with floral aromas and a piercing varietal character along with an elegance which will only become finer through age. Silvio’s sons Michele and Felix are the latest family members to carry on the tradition.

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