Sitting at the ultra modern end of the Lebanese spectrum, Ixsir holds to a simple ethos: to rediscover the very best of the country’s terroirs and make the finest wine possible from them.

Ixsir began life as a local partnership but drawing on the skills of Hubert de Boüard (co-owner of Château Angelus) and Gabriel Rivero (former winemaker at Sociando-Mallet) to fashion its wines. This investment and knowledge has allowed the partnership to create one of the world’s most contemporary and environmentally sensitive wineries. Carved deep into a hill near the ancient coastal town of Batroun, the building itself is lost to the eye; the roof of its three stories supporting the gardens of a restored 17th century feudal manor.

During the Byzantine Era, the coastal city of Batroun was known as Botrus (pronounced bot’-ris), which is Greek for grape.  The Port of Botrus, which is still in existence today, was the grape and wine export hub of the Mediterranean during the Phoenician Era and beyond. Botrus was among the first to have produced its own currency. One of the earliest coins had the impression of a grape cluster on one of its sides, symbolizing the importance of this produce to the local economy and regional trade community.

The name is derived from the Arabic word for “elixir” (Al-Ikseer). Jean-Marc Quarin awarded it best grade for a Lebanese wine at Bordeaux’s La Semaine des Primeurs.  IXSIR means “elixir” in Arabic (Al-Ikseer), and in Greek (IKSIR), which is usually a potion guaranteeing eternal life, as well as a mixture intended to cure one’s lls. Historically, Arabs have given names to wine denoting medicinal attributes, such as: Al Teriaqa, which means “a medicine that cures from worries”, and was also called Ixsir at a certain period of time because, according to them, it was a magical potion that gave longevity.

Ixsir’s Vision is to reveal the best terroirs of Lebanon, some forgotten long since, while respecting sustainable development and integrated viticulture. Ixsir cultivates grapes in areas carefully chosen for their high quality potential, in regions as diverse as Lebanon itself, stretching from Batroun in the North to Jezzine in the South, and nestling beside the most beautiful hillsides of the Bekaa. One of the more unique Vineyards is located in Ainata, it is the highest vineyard in Lebanon. Nestled in the Shadows of Lebanon’s highest peak, the vines enjoy a continental climate with snow cover throughout the winter. Ainata’s viticultural heritage is unrecorded, but dates back centuries with IXSIR proudly reinvigorating the area with its current 19-hectare cultivation. Winemaking and aging take place in a central winery located on the hills of Batroun, giving birth to unique wines, the perfect marriage between the subtle and the complex. The local vineyard is the jewel of the estate embraced by the Seigniorial House and Winery.

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