Humberto Canale

Agricultural engineer Humberto Canale founded his namesake winery in Patagonia in 1909 and the company has played a pioneering role in southern Argentinian winemaking for more than a century.

This is an arid region that relies on irrigation from the Rio Negro to support agriculture. From space, the Black River appears as a green thread of farmland snaking its way through the brown desert. At 39 degrees southern latitude, Canale’s vineyards lie in one of the world’s most southerly wine regions. It is a cool-climate region that produces wines more delicate than those found in Mendoza. Nearby Antarctica has a strong cooling effect on the climate and the fierce winds of Patagonia keep the vines pest free. Intensely sunny days and chilly nights (‘diurnal variation’, in wine geek parlance) allows for slow and consistent ripening of grapes, every vintage. What do these perfect viticultural conditions mean for you? They mean well-balanced, expressive wines that can be offered at an unbeatable value. 

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