Feudi di San Gregorio

Feudi di San Gregorio is the leading winery in Southern Italy that has brought the Campania region back to the forefront of wine-lovers around the world. It was established in 1986 in Sorbo Serpico, a tiny village in Campania’s Irpinia region, near Mount Vesuvius.

The Feudi di San Gregorio winery resides on the gentle rolling hillsides of Sorbo Serpico and has over 740+ acres of vineyards throughout the Irpinia DOCG and Sannio DOC. At the time of the pontificate of Gregorio Magno (590-604 A.D.), the lands of Sannio and of Irpinia, located along the Appia and always cultivated to vines, constituted the Sannitic base of the Patrimonio (heritage) of Saint Peter. 

Inspired by the living memory of Saint Peter of the Gregorian age, Feudi di San Gregorio honors this rich history with vineyards up to 180 years old and vines up to 150 years old, and encourages people to rediscover the identity of Mediterranean flavors through indigenous grapes such as Falanghina, Fiano Di Avellino, Greco di Tufo and Aglianico. They are known for bringing a modern winemaking approach to the tradition of these native grapes, resulting in international acclaim for their wines and winery, including over 220 90+ reviews, 25 Tre Bicchieri awards from Gambero Rosso, and Winery of the Year by AIS (2011, 2013).

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