Clos des Papes

The Avrils are undoubtedly one of the oldest families of the village and were one of the first to bottle wines under their own label back in 1896. Today the estate is masterminded by Vincent Avril, a broad-minded, forward thinking gentleman who has led the domaine from strength to strength. He has both a strong commercial sense, thanks to his studies at a Swiss business school, and an undeniable talent in the winery.

For the past twenty years, Clos des Papes has consistently produced outstanding wines and is now recognised as one of the leading lights of the appellation. The Avrils are fanatical about the work in the vineyard. The 35ha which make up the domaine are divided amongst 24 different parcels which cover the five communes of the appellation and which comprise of all 13 of the permitted grapes varieties of chateauneuf-du-Pape. A combination of Vincent's studies of wine in Burgundy, his love of Pinot Noir, his soils, and the winemaking lead to an incredible elegance in each of his wines. The reds have great depth and character with exceptionally fine tannins, and never heavy nor alcoholic. The whites are full-bodied with great acidity and open out after two to three years. 

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